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Orlando Personal Training

  • Desire a flat stomach?
  • Trying to get rid of your “love handles”?
  • Want to gain lean muscle mass?
  • Looking to improve your endurance?
  • Craving the body that makes you feel desirable?
  • Striving to fit into “those pants”?
  • Need to improve your overall health?

Then R.A.C.E. Personal Training is for YOU!

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My workouts are challenging, effective and fun. I combine CrossFit style high-intensity interval training, polymetric exercises, core balance training, kettlebells, and speed and agility. My clients range from youth athletes, to collegiate athletes, to new moms, to individuals suffering from chronic back pain, to the couch potato who hates to exercise. Each client has different needs and objectives. As a fitness trainer, it is my job to individualize my clients’ programs based on these variables. I have a strong passion for helping my clients obtain their optimal level of fitness so they can enjoy life to the fullest!

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Race Orlando - Kristen on the pullup bar

3o days from now you will be 1 month older and possibly 3-7lbs heavier!  OR you could be 5-10lbs lighter, 2x as strong and 30 days closer to becoming the leaner, skinnier, sexier you.

- Send fitness expert Lindsey Love Jenks an email with your questions.

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